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Gramon Family Helps Those In Need.

Gramon Family donated over 400 books to Embrella, a Foster and Adoptive Family Service Provider.    

Fairfield, NJ- The Gramon Family of Schools, a program serving the needs of students ages 3-21 on the autism spectrum and other developmental disabilities is proud to announce our partnership with Embrella. May is National Foster Care Month and Gramon Family of Schools “fosters gifts that keep on giving.”  On May 22, 2019 we had the pleasure and privilege of sharing our “gifts” of books and love of reading with families in need.  As students and staff members celebrated the “finale” to our Read Across America event, we chose to partner with Embrella, a Foster and Adoptive family service provider in New Jersey, to provide books for families they support.

 Looking at the stacks and stacks of books that were collected by our schools’ families it was evident that books are truly regarded as the “gift that keeps on giving”. The book drive was a perfect way to honor Dr. Seuss’s legacy that reading should be fun and available to all.  Students and staff, along with community members from the Fairfield Police Department, came together to share stories and fond memories of their favorite books. Felisha Wood, principal of Gramon School/Glenview Academy noted, “ It’s so exciting to see how many students and families participated in such an important cause. As the old adage states, it really does take a village to raise a child. ”

As her vehicle was packed to the brim with over 400 books, Meghan Pedro from Embrella, mentioned that all of the books would soon bring many smiles and opportunities for children and families to experience first-hand the magic a book can provide.  As Dr. Seuss so eloquently stated, “You can find magic wherever you look. Sit back and relax, all you need is a book.”

The Gramon Family of Schools was created in 1939 by Ruth K. Newman, an educator and parent of a neurologically impaired child. Newman believed that only by pursuing an individualized program based on each child’s strengths and weaknesses, could she truly help them achieve the best of their potential. Today the Gramon Family of Schools, consists of three schools; Glenview Academy, Gramon School, and New Beginnings, and has been carrying on that legacy ever since.

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