• Who will you meet

ready for an interview?

  • We know that interviews can be a stressful situation and sometimes let our nerves get the best of us but, at The Gramon Family of Schools, we want you to feel as comfortable as possible.  Fortunately, you get to learn a little about the people you may interview with and recognize a familiar face when you arrive!

  • candy

    Dana Hendricks

    Supervisor of Special Education at New Beginnings

    Educational Background: MSA - Masters of School Administration

    Interests & Hobbies: Shopping, Netflix, Family Oriented, Passion for Music

    1. What do you look for when interviewing candidates:  Positive Energy, Someone who is genuine, Special Education Experience, Education Background/In school for related field.

    2. Favorite Interview Question: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?  Why do you want to get into Special Education?

    3. Describe Gramon Family of Schools in 3 words:  Community, Compassion, and Individualized

  • Jodie

    Jodie Corforte

    Supervisor of Special Education at The Gramon School/Glenview Academy

    Educational Background: Undergraduate at Seton Hall University, Master Degree in Developmental Disabilities, Supervisor Cert & Teaching Cert at William Paterson University

    Interests & Hobbies: Gardening, Reading, Hiking, Concerts, and Music

    1. What do you look for when interviewing candidates:  Passion to work with Special Needs Kids, Responsible, Professionalism, and Career Oriented.

    2. Favorite Interview Question: Why do you want to work with this population?

    3. Describe Gramon Family of Schools in 3 words: Collaborative, Family Oriented, and Supportive

  • Lisa

    Lisa Mulhall

    Transition Supervisor

    Educational Background:  M.Ed. - Masters of Education

    Interests & Hobbies: Beach, Reading, Music, Refurbishing Furniture

    1. What do you look for when interviewing candidates:  Honesty, Willingness to learn, Sharing of background and experiences.

    2. Favorite Interview Question: What do you feel you can bring to our program in a classroom/team setting?

    3. Describe Gramon Family of Schools in 3 words: Team, Dedication, and Empowerment




    1. Be on time.

    2. Be Prepared.

    3. Be Honest & Thorough.

    4. Call if you are going to be late, it's OK.

    5. If you need to reschedule, it's OK.

     6. Remember, you're on an interview, dress appropriately.

    7. When asking questions, choose meaningful and respectful questions.



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