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School Safety & Security

James Orrico
Security Officer 
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The safety and security of both students and faculty is of the utmost importance at the Gramon Family of Schools.  The Gramon Family continues to review our safety protocols and explore all areas that help support keeping everyone safe as well as, implement all mandatory safety drills. We employ a full-time security guard to monitor the campus grounds and work collaboratively with our local police department to ensure we are implementing the best safety protocols at the schools.


Each month we conduct one fire drill and one security drill per month.  Schools are required to conduct the following types of drills:

  • Active Shooter
  • Evacuation (non-fire)
  • Bomb threat
  • Lockdown

Examples of  other types of security drills:

  • Shelter-in-place
  • Reverse evacuation
  • Evacuation to relocation site
  • Testing of school's notification system and procedures
  • Testing of school's communication system and procedures

Be reassured that we operate with carefully designed safety and security plans.  Our plans are revised annually and protocols and procedures are developed based upon the recommendations from the NJ DOE, county and local law enforcements. 

Each school has a designated Emergency Response Team trained and certified in CPR/AED and First Aid.

Parent and Visitor Info

  • Please call the schools directly to make an appointment.
  • Please do not enter the building during arrival and dismissal unless you have an appointment.
  • There is a designated area for student drop off/pick-up.
  • Please be prepared to display your ID when visiting or picking up your child at school.
  • Please make sure you are individually buzzed in - do not hold the door for other visitors. 

Keeping our school's safe

  • All staff wear ID badges.
  • Visitors must be buzzed in through the front office and are required to sign in.
  • All doors are locked at all times.  During arrival and dismissal, staff are positioned at entrance doors.
  • Emergency key card shut-off protocols are in place throughout the campus, ensuring that in the event of an emergency only police and fire personnel can enter the buildings.
  • The Gramon Family of School's utilized a mass notification system to notify all parents of an emergency within minutes.  The mass notification system relies on the accuracy of the phone numbers and email addresses that are entered into the parent portal.  It is very important that if there is any change in information that you make that change as soon as possible through the parent portal and/or notifying the school with said changes.