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The Gramon Family of Schools Program and Curriculum

The Gramon Family of Schools (GFS) uses multiple and diverse research-based teaching and learning approaches, from the implementation of Applied Behavior Analysis principles to traditional teaching methods. Each student receives a comprehensive education based on his/her Individualized Education Plan (IEP).  The GFS curriculum complies with the New Jersey Student Learning Standards and applies them in all subject areas.  GFS is a state-approved testing site for all New Jersey assessments.     

In order to gain a deeper understanding of students’ learning needs, educators and related service staff collect data from a multitude of sources, including RethinkEd which all begins with assessment (e.g., VB-MAPP, ABLLS, AFLS). Instruction is based on students’ cognitive abilities; therefore, the following student strands have been identified within GFS:  Early Developmental Diagnostic/Prescriptive; Activities of Daily Living (ADL)/Functional Life Skills/Guided Work Experience; Functional Academic/Pre-Vocational/Vocational; and Adapted Traditional Academics/Career Preparation. 

The power of technology combined with evidence-based research lets RethinkEd deliver fully integrated training and instruction, giving all students the opportunity to achieve academic, behavioral, adaptive, and social/emotional success.

Instructional Strategies

Research Based

Teaching self-regulation and self-monitoring, present learning in multiple ways
  • Extended practice
  • Application of skills and concepts
  • Use a combination of direct instruction and cognitive strategy instruction 

Evidence Based

  • Discrete Trial Teaching
  • Task analysis
  • Modeling
  • Picture exchange communication system (PECS)
  • Visual supports
  • Reinforcement
  • Social narratives
  • Naturalistic intervention (NI)  

For more information regarding our Curriculum & Instruction please feel free to schedule a tour or reach out to our Supervisor of Curriculum & Instruction Toni Marie Castiglia at