About Us

    Our Mission

    Through our supportive environments, collaborative relationships and implementation of best practices,

    The Gramon Family of Schools prepares our students for their lifelong journeys.


  • Gramon School 1939


    1939 - Ruth K. Newman establishes a home for Students with Disabilities in her home in South Orange, New Jersey. 

    1955 - Gramon School” is established by Ruth K. Newman's daughter; Harriet Raffel.

    1980 - The Gramon School moves from the S. Orange Community Center to the school building at St. Raphael's Church in Livingston. 

    1986 - The Gramon Elementary School is established at the Clark School building in South Orange. 

    1990 - The Gramon Elementary School is renamed Glenview Academy as it moves to the Newstead School building on Glenview Avenue in South Orange. 

    1991 - Glenview Academy moves to the Ridge Road School building in Cedar Grove. 

    1992 - Dr. Weeks Dr. Gerritz acquire The Gramon School from Sam and Harriet Raffel. 

    1994 - Dr. Weeks Dr. Gerritz acquire Glenview Academy from Sam and Harriet Raffel. 

    1995 - The Gramon School and Glenview Academy move to Fairfield. 

    1997 - New Beginnings starts as a preschool class/program in Glenview Academy. 

    2004 - New Beginnings is approved as new school and moves into its own building in Fairfield. 

    2012 - Dr. Weeks Dr. Gerritz establish “The Gramon Family of Schools,” Which include Gramon School, Glenview Academy, and New Beginnings.  

    2012 - present - The Gramon Family of Schools is currently thriving in Fairfield with more than 250 students. 



    Core Values

    • Learning that takes place in a safe and caring environment. 
    • Collaboration between professionals in all areas of expertise.  
    • Providing a support system for our families that extends beyond the walls of the schools. 
    • Reinforcing a positive school climate by celebrating staff and student success.  
    • Educating the whole child and preparing for learning across the lifespan. 
    • Differentiated instructional techniques to engage learners of all ages and abilities. 
    • Positive behavioral supports led by relevant data that demonstrates progress in all areas. 
    • Innovative, data-driven and progressive thinking that fosters program growth and development. 
    • Staying abreast of the latest research and trends in Special Education. 
Middle States Accreditation
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