About Us
  • The Gramon Family of Schools uses a team approach, with each team comprised of teachers, paraprofessionals, Board Certified Behavior Analysts and related service providers.  Through our team approach, The Gramon Family of Schools provides an effective and individualized program for each student.  Team members work closely with one another to ensure that the specific needs of each student are addressed.  Parents and/or guardians are members of our team, and are encouraged to take an active role by implementing follow-up activities at home.  The members of each discipline stay informed about new developments in their respective fields and share information with their colleagues about emerging techniques that are consistent with and promote our philosophy and core techniques.

  • Mission

    Through our supportive environments, collaborative relationships and implementation of best practices, The Gramon Family of Schools prepares our students for their lifelong journeys.


    Core Values 

    • Learning happens best in a safe and caring environment.
    • Respect for diversity builds strong communities.
    • Recognition of accomplishments and achievements encourages greater participation and success.
    • Learning and adapting are crucial to success in all aspects of life.
    • Differentiated instructional approaches engage learners of all ages and abilities.
    • Behavior interventions must be supportive.
    • Innovative, data-driven and progressive thinking fosters program growth and development.
    • We are a community of learners.