Inclusion Opportunities


    The New Beginnings Annexes in North Haledon offers our students that attend the ability to go to school with their neighborhood kids and participate in all school events such as assemblies and special activities. The New Beginnings students also have access to and utilize the cafeteria and playground which offers social opportunities for both general education students and the NB students each day.

    The students that attend the New Beginnings Annexes in North Haledon have the opportunity to participate in art, gym, music, library, and Project Adventure if one of those settings is deemed appropriate for the student. Many of the students that are ready to participate in these inclusionary opportunities, move on to academic inclusion. All of these special activities give the student a chance to utilize and generalize the academic and social skills taught within the New Beginnings classroom. This is a unique experience because the student has access to inclusion, yet they have the support of New Beginnings techniques, strategies, and staff all within the same building. This model has allowed our students the ability to transition smoother into a more inclusive or mainstream setting within the general education classes.  The general education teachers also have access to the specialized expertise of the staff from the New Beginnings programs to help support the student in their settings.