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    "After we recovered from the shock of our daughter Sharon being diagnosed with autism at age 4 - the best thing we did was to enroll her
    in the New Beginnings/Gramon/Glenview system.
    The changes the school has brought about in Sharon are nothing short of miraculous.  From a child who largely stared into space in the beginning,
    at age 20 she is a beautiful young woman who has achieved many self-care goals, moderate literacy and excellent motor skills.
    Gramon/Glenview is a blessing from God, as far as we are concerned."
    - Sam & Malathy Kumar

  • "My son has been attending New Beginnings since 2004. Since day one, we knew  we made the right decision. Our son struggled in a mainstream setting, but the New Beginnings staff had the expertise and resources to help Kevin grow into a smart, independent and talented young man. I always felt the Staff had Kevin’s best interest in mind with all of their decisions, suggestions and interventions. We have been blessed with the most caring and innovative teachers for the last 17 years, and it is a bittersweet feeling knowing Kevin will be moving on in June. The adult transition process can be overwhelming, but New Beginnings helped me every step of the way. I truly can say New Beginnings is our extended family, and we will be forever grateful for all they have done for our family."

    - Karen Gorman