Behavior Support

    The mission of the Gramon Family of Schools is to provide learning opportunities that enable each student to develop his/her fullest potential.  We believe that we can accomplish this goal in a structured, positive, and caring environment.  On-going collaboration among all memebers of the student's team ensures that each child receives the attention and support to progress through his/her individualized educational program.


    Applied Behavior Analysis

    • Staff participate in professional development in the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)
    • How to incorporate ABA into all lessons and activities.
    • ABA offers evidence-based strategies for teaching new skills.
    • Replacing challenging behavior with more appropriate behavior. Staff individualize instructional strategies and behavior management techniques to meet the unique needs of each student.
    • Staff emphasize the use of positive behavioral supports to reinforce desirable behavior throughout the school day.
    • Natural Environment Teaching


    ABA strategies include:

        • Reinforcement
        • Antecedent strategies
        • Prompting
        • Discrete trial teaching
        • Incidental teaching
        • Task analysis
        • Functional communication training.

    Additionally, each year, staff are trained in QBS Safety-Care, a program designed to prevent and manage challenging behaviors as well as teach functional, socially acceptable, replacement behaviors.


    Behavior Intervention Plans

    Individualized behavior intervention plans are developed on an as-needed basis.

    • Meeting with family which includes review of the behavior and permission to collect data.
    • Staff are trained on how to collect data on challenging behaviors.
    • The behavior analyst then analyzes the behavior data to determine:
      • a possible function(s)
      • Strategies to replace challenging behaviors with more socially acceptable behavior.

    Before becoming a part of the student's IEP, The Behavior intervention plans are reviewed with:

    • The student’s parent(s)/guardian(s)
    • The school team
    • The District Case Manager 



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