• The Gramon Family of Schools offers a thirty-day Extended School Year Program for our enrolled students as well as for students from other schools on a space-available basis. The summer program is a full day of instruction and is designed to help students maintain the academic and behavioral growth they had achieved during the regular school year, and to move ahead on their Individualized Education Plans.

    Each day the students continue their IEP-guided studies in math, reading and language arts, science, and social studies, as well as art and gym. The academic coursework is designed to ensure that our students do not lose ground over the summer, but instead are prepared to come back to school in September ready to continue their work towards achieving their educational goals.

    During the summer the Gramon Family of Schools takes full advantage of the different cultural opportunities in the community as we take field trips to:

    • Museums
    • Libraries
    • Restaurants
    • Arcades
    • Local swimming pools

    Social skills are emphasized and practiced as students are taught to be aware of their surroundings, and to understand appropriate interactions while in the community. With the assistance of teachers, staff, and therapists the students practice the skills they will need to utilize on each field trip prior to going out into the community.

    Classrooms will run:

    • Mock stores/restaurants,
    • Review social stories,
    • Checkout location websites,
    • Modify augmentative communication devices to reflect language needed

    What Factors are considered when deciding if ESY is appropriate? 

    • Regression and Recoupment- the child likely to lose critical skills or fail to recover these skills within a reasonable time 
    • Degree of progress toward IEP goals and objectives  
    • Emerging skills breakthrough opportunities- Will a lengthy summer break cause significant problems for a child who is learning a key skill 
    • Interfering Behavior- Does the child’s behavior interfere with his or her ability to benefit from Special Education 
    • Nature and severity of the disability 
    • Special Circumstances that interfere with the child’s ability to benefit from Special Education  


  • ESY Pool

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