Enrollment Process

    "My son has been here for 10 years wouldn’t have any other way. Staff is AMAZING I haven’t yet found a place similar to this school to move Reason why I haven’t even moved out of Jersey. My son has become more independent more verbal thanks to them 10 out of 10 I give it a million !!!!!!"
    - Betsy   
  • "My son has been thriving in this awesome school. Administration and staff are doing professional and friendly."

    - Olga


  • The Gramon Family of Schools offers ongoing admissions throughout the school year.  When a student is referred, the GFS enrollment team will review the student records to determine if there is an appropriate classroom match.  Pertinent paperwork such as a current IEP, recent evaluations, Behavior Intervention Plan, Augmentative and Alternative Communication Assessment, etc, must be provided prior to scheduling an intake appointment.  

  • A member of the GFS enrollment team will then contact the district case manager to schedule an intake and tour appointment.  The intake takes place in the school environment with a GFS teacher and speech therapist engaging the student in a variety of activities to determine potential classroom placement.  Depending on the needs of the individual student, this team may also include a BCBA, Occupational Therapist, Physical Therapist, and/or Reading Specialist. 

    While the student intake is taking place, a tour is provided to the family and district to showcase the friendly atmosphere of GFS, community spaces throughout the school (e.g., life skills apartment, gym, therapy rooms), as well as the potential classroom for the student.   

    Once placement is confirmed, a tuition contract is issued to the sending district and parents are provided with a link to documents that must be completed prior to the student’s first day.  These documents are made available through our Parent Portal in the Realtime database, which is where parents can go to find student information, progress reports, school alerts, etc. 

    Tuition and transportation fees for enrolled students are paid for by the sending school districts. The Gramon Family of Schools also accepts students placed by parents or guardians who agree to a private tuition contract.

    If it is determined by the sending district that a student requires a personal assistant, the arrangement can be made with an additional cost to the sending school district. The Gramon Family of Schools hires and provides staff development for all personal assistants.


    "The most amazing and caring school, with excellent teachers and lovely staff! Our kids are nothing but loved and good take care! Thank you"

    - Lucy C



    Contact Us: admissions@gramon.org


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