Core Curriculum
  • Our Curriculum

    The Gramon Family of Schools offers a full range of academic subjects, including reading, mathematics, language arts literacy, social studies, science and health. The overall approach to instruction is individualized by strengths and needs of each student being central to instructional design.

    GFS staff members use multiple and diverse teaching and learning approaches, from ABA and discrete trial teaching to more traditional methods. Our teachers employ individual instruction, large and small group lessons, the multiple and natural context approach, the cued-structured modality approach, differentiated instruction and a balanced literacy foundation.

    A variety of curriculum resources are in place at GFS, including Scott Foresman Reading Street, Mathematics and Science and the McDougal/Little series for social studies. Many supplemental materials are also available to maximize students’ learning potential: Handwriting Without Tears, for students with fine motor challenges, and The “EGGS” program, Explode the Code and the Wilson Reading Program for students who need additional support in learning to read. Additional materials are regularly being added to the program as members of the staff search for appropriate ancillary programs and approaches.

    The Gramon Family of Schools is committed to the delivery of literacy-based academic experiences across the curriculum. To support this commitment reading specialists provide specialized literacy instruction to our most challenged readers.


    Language Arts

    The language arts literacy program includes literature-based language arts, storytelling, journal writing, and authentic writing in context, Writers’ Workshop, Readers’ Workshop, the Columbia Writing Project, discussion groups and electronic media viewing.



    The mathematics program at GFS focuses on developing sound numerical and operational foundations. These foundations are the supports for progression to situational mathematics, which addresses basic algebra and geometry concepts.



    The science strands include general science principles, earth science, life science and chemistry. The program fosters independent processing of scientific principles while providing students with safe and user-friendly classroom-based lab experiences.


    Social Studies

    Social studies topics include strands addressing civics, government, human rights, geography, people and the environment, economics, innovation, technology, history and cultures. The content includes American, world and New Jersey history and communities. Students approach these topics through text, electronic media, simulations and oral and written assignments.



    The Gramon Family of Schools is a state-approved testing site for all New Jersey assessments.


    Extended Curriculum

    The Gramon Family of Schools program is infused with opportunities for students to engage and generalize their skills and passions.

    Following are some of these notable examples:


    Art Program

    The art program provides students with the opportunity to learn through the creative processes. The curriculum is designed to develop the students’ unique strengths and interests. Art experiences aim to help the students work toward their goals through creative approaches to supplement their classroom learning. Students work in groups to enhance socialization, communication, problem-solving, and abstract thinking skills. They are introduced to a wide array of materials to provide them with diverse sensory experiences. Emphasis is placed on empowering students by giving them choices throughout the process and praising their unique ideas and creations.


    Physical Education Program

    Our adaptive physical education program encourages independent movement activities with adaptive equipment and staff facilitation. Sports, age-appropriate individual and group games, physical and motor fitness skills, fundamental locomotor skills and patterns, and skills in dance/rhythm are all part of the program.



    All areas of the curriculum at GFS are infused with computer technology, based on each student’s Individualized Education Program and the New Jersey Common Core Curriculum Standards. Classrooms are equipped with SMART boards and tablets. The schools are wireless environments so the Internet is always available, and all students, staff and parents abide by an acceptable use policy. The teaching staff is trained in the use of adaptive equipment such as iPads, educational applications, SMART technology and various augmentative communication devices.