The Gramon Family of Schools PROGRAM AND CURRICULUM 


    Our goal at The Gramon Family of Schools is to promote practice and mastery of skills in ALL INSTRUCTIONAL AREAS that will provide students the opportunity to:  

    • Demonstrate independence  
    • Demonstrate self-advocacy skills  
    • Engage in social interaction  
    • Access community resources  
    • Acquire and maintain vocational placement  


    The Gramon Family of Schools (GFS) uses multiple and diverse research-based teaching and learning approaches, from the implementation of Applied Behavior Analysis principles to traditional teaching methods. Each student receives a comprehensive education based on his/her Individualized Learning Plan (IEP).  The GFS curriculum complies with the New Jersey Student Learning Standards and applies them in all subject areas.  GFS is a state-approved testing site for all New Jersey assessments.    

    In order to gain a deeper understanding of students’ learning needs, educators and related service staff collect data from a multitude of sources which all begins with assessment (e.g., VPMAPP, ABLLS, AFLS). Instruction is based on students’ cognitive abilities; therefore, the following student strands have been identified within GFS:  Early Developmental Diagnostic/Prescriptive; Activities of Daily Living (ADL)/Functional Life Skills/Guided Work Experience; Functional Academic/Pre-Vocational/Vocational; and Adapted Traditional Academics/Career Preparation. 


    The Gramon Family of Schools program embraces:  

    • Research-based curriculum including Exploring Math, Everyday Readers, Functional Life Skills, Explore Social Studies, Science, Social Skills, Environmental Print, Edmark, Envision Math, Holt McDougal Social Studies, Scott Foresman Science, Handwriting without Tears, Explode the Code and more! 


    • Educational platforms for remote instruction such as Zoom, Boom Learning and Vizzle; additionally, utilizing Bitmoji Classrooms and Teacher Websites for communication, lesson materials and pre-recorded videos.  


    • Large, small group and individual instruction incorporating ABA interventions including natural environment teaching and discrete trial instruction, a multiple and natural context approach, differentiated instruction, and a balanced literacy foundation.


    • Technology infused throughout the curriculum to enhance the learning experience. 


    • Focusing on improving sensory processing/modulation skills through the use of various sensory integrative techniques in all content areas. 


    • Reading Specialists who provide specialized literacy instruction on an individual, small or large group basis.


    • Adapted Physical Education teachers who encourage independent movement activities including sports, group games, fitness skills, dance/rhythm and fundamental locomotor patterns.  


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