What is the New Jersey Comprehensive Assessment Tool?

    • DDD will be assessing each individual who is 21 years and older and eligible for DDD-funded services through a questionnaire called the New Jersey Comprehensive Assessment Tool (NJ CAT).
    • This application tool will help determine an individual’s needs, by identifying the areas in which a person needs support and assistance.
    • It will also help determine an individualized budget to be used for the “purchase” of needed services.


    Why is the assessment necessary?

    • Assesses whether the individual meets eligibility for DDD services.
    • Assesses individual competencies and assists in determining who needs more support so that those with like needs receive a similar level of support.
    • Promotes fairness and equity in regards to allocation of resources.


    What does the NJ CAT consist of?

    • The NJ CAT consist of 2 parts:
      • Functional Criteria Assessment (FCA) – assesses whether a person meets eligibility criteria for DDD services.
      • Developmental Disabilities Resource Tool (DDRT) – assesses service and support need levels of the individual.


    Who completes the assessment?

    • Respondent should be the person who knows the individual best (guardian, family member or residential staff).
    • The assessment will take approximately 30-40 minutes to complete and all question must be answered.
    • Important Note: Once you submit the assessment, you cannot go back and make changes.


    How do I complete the NJ CAT assessment?

    • The assessment is usually completed online; however, the assessment can be done over the phone.
    • A letter along with a link to the assessment will be mailed and/or emailed to all participants.
    • If you do not receive access to the assessment by mail or e-mail, contact your county DDD office. All county office numbers are located on the Department of Human Services website: https://www.state.nj.us/humanservices/ddd/individuals/applyservices/assessment/
    • Once the assessment is complete, there is nothing that you need to do until you are contacted via mail with your determination of eligibility.


    What are the main areas assessed?

    • Cognitive Abilities
    • Self-care and independent living skills
    • Verbal communication
    • Mobility and physical capabilities
    • Social-Emotional functioning
    • Special behaviors
    • Medical issues
    • Other areas included: demographics, caregiver characteristics, adaptive aids, employment.


    What will the results of the NJ CAT assessment indicate?

    • The individual’s results will be assigned into a tier based on their assessed level of need.
    • The tier assignment will impact:
      • The rate that providers are reimbursed for the provision of Individual Supports in a licensed setting.
      • The rate that providers are reimbursed for provision of Day Habilitation services
      • The individual’s budget amounts.


Last Modified on May 17, 2022