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I really appreciate all that you all do for our kids.  There is nothing like the relief I have knowing that Kibo is in a place that understands his needs, encourages and supports him (especially on his most challenging days), and maintains hope for his future



After we recovered from the shock of our daughter Sharon being diagnosed with autism at age 4 - the best thing we did was to enroll her in the New Beginnings/Gramon/Glenview system.  The changes the school has brought about in Sharon are nothing short of miraculous.  From a child who largely stared into space in the beginning, at age 20 she is a beautiful young woman who has achieved many self-care goals, moderate literacy, and excellent motor skills.   Gramon/Glenview is a blessing from God, as far as we are concerned.Sam and malathy kumar


My son has been attending New Beginnings since 2004. Since day one, we knew  we made the right decision. Our son struggled in a mainstream setting, but the New Beginnings staff had the expertise and resources to help Kevin grow into a smart, independent and talented young man. I always felt the Staff had Kevin’s best interest in mind with all of their decisions, suggestions and interventions. We have been blessed with the most caring and innovative teachers for the last 17 years, and it is a bittersweet feeling knowing Kevin will be moving on in June. The adult transition process can be overwhelming, but New Beginnings helped me every step of the way. I truly can say New Beginnings is our extended family, and we will be forever grateful for all they have done for our family.Karen G


Our son has been a student for a number of years. The support staff the teachers and administrators have been nothing less than professional caring and extremely supportive with his development. Wonderful place that gets it right, because these kids do better when they do better, and they do it better than anyone out there.My wife and I thank you.Fedrick S


Our daughter has been a student at New Beginnings since she was seven years old she is now 20 and this is her graduating year. Coming to new beginnings was the best decision that we ever made for her education, her socialization - the best place to give her a community. The professionalism of teachers and all staff at New Beginnings is second to none. Constant communications through emails, phone calls, notebooks, any means necessary to communicate with us. We were literally a team these last 13 years, we worked together to do what was best for our daughter. There is really not enough words to completely encompass the feelings of gratitude that we have for New Beginnings schools. When we look back at the time that we placed her it was a very dark time from a moving her from our home district but now we just look back at it with pure joy because I know that we hit the mark and above for her to flourish and grow. The staff is always utilizing professional development strategies to to add to their toolbox of items that they can use for educating their children. Escalating How lucky we have been to have had our child at New Beginning’s - both a gift for the children and parents alikeJodie G


What a fantastic school...When my wife and I started a search for a school approximately 15 years ago for our son, this is exactly the type of place we would have imagined..15 years later. No regrets...It has always been about the staff. Aides, Teachers, Therapists, Workers, Principals...ALL have always made us so comfortable and reinforced to us, that this is the place for Dominic. Through the years, he has grown so much, and a lot of that is because of the people in this school...We are so thankful for this School.Anthony


Very caring and professional staff. Their hands-on approach keeps me informed as to every aspect of my grand niece's educational daily experiences.Debbie B