“A Campus of Schools Serving Students with Special Needs”

The Gramon Family of Schools is composed of three programs at our Fairfield location: New Beginnings, The Gramon School and Glenview Academy. New Beginnings Annexes provide all the benefits of a New Beginnings education offered on a smaller scale in a district close to home. All Gramon Family of Schools programs work together to provide students with an individualized program that will help develop their skills in areas of cognitive and social development while striving towards independence. The goal of the Gramon Family of Schools is to customize our programs to build skill sets that will help students to become productive, active and fulfilled members of their community.

The Gramon School

Fairfield, NJ

The Gramon School, founded in 1939, is a state-approved school for students ages 12 to 21 who require individual attention and learning programs to achieve success. At the Gramon School, students are provided with a structured and supportive environment in a traditional high school culture to help foster academic, social and emotional growth.

Glenview Academy

Fairfield, NJ

Glenview Academy serves students ages 5 to 15 who have needs that are better addressed in a small, structured environment. The faculty at Glenview use state-of-the art techniques and technology to help students gain the skills, confidence, pride and initiative to become effective, contributing members of society. Our classes emphasize thorough academic preparation as well as social and emotional guidance.

New Beginnings

Fairfield, NJ

New Beginnings is dedicated to working with children with special needs specializing with those diagnosed on the autism spectrum. Using a variety of techniques and resources aimed at helping individuals reach their potential and live productively, we help our students integrate into all aspects of community life – increasing their social, educational and employment opportunities.

New Beginnings Annexes

The New Beginnings Annex programs are modeled after New Beginnings in Fairfield. These programs bring the benefits of the Gramon Family of Schools education and services to a district near you! New Beginnings Annexes are currently offered in the following districts:

West Milford, NJ

North Haledon, NJ

  • At New Beginnings, things have just begun go click for my son. He is doing things that none of us thought he would be able to do independently. He is riding the bus by himself, navigating school on his own, and academically he is making gains.
    Amy Goldberg
  • My son is autistic, and he has a limited vocabulary. But Glenview taught him how to use an application for speaking on his iPad, and that’s helping him with his speech and language – making it better.
    Danny Marrero
  • Gramon very encouraging when it comes to my son, Aaron, and his artwork. Thanks to Gramon staff and teachers, Aaron has won a couple of awards, because they are very supportive of him.
    Mrs. Harrison